Arc 0 – Episode 3




A battle ensues with Perry the Pianist, and the crew manages to get themselves an accidental squirrel familiar.

Heading to the teacup ride to “help” some people, Nathan only manages to make things worse for the poor victims of the robo-pocalypse. Moving on after this terrible mess up, the three make their way through the rest of the park, and are distracted by the fact that there might still be a lumberjack competition on the go. They are sorely mistaken.

Travis is left behind in the amphitheater and the 4 go off the livestock barns to save the children.  As they enter, they see a high-tech Milking machine and the children trapped behind. Cayla hatches up a quick plan to distracted the milking machine and save the kids. Amanda still isn’t having any of it, and Tyler and Nathan do what they can to assist.

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