Arc 0 – Episode 2


“…But Horsies!” “Yeah! But Horsies!”
-Amanda and Travis


Nathan attempts to save himself from a dire situation, and fails once again. The group presses on to the PNE grounds but not before attempting a BNE at the marine supply store, and failing at that too.

Well in line with what is most important to 4 out of 5 of these people, they detour to the Race course to ensure the horses are safe, and to get one of their own. Tyler, opts to save a horse and use his own feet.

The 5 ride their way through the parking lot of the PNE grounds looking for the best way to get to the children, they are beckoned to leave by a local firefighter, but instead press on working their way south through the games area as they were told the toys have taken over the western passage.

Coming to a halt near the end of the games corridor, they are confronted by a disgruntled shooting gallery piano player, Perry the Pianist.

Jeff was kind enough to give us the PNE map, so we have it for you as well!


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