Arc 0 – Episode 1


“Our story begins in a quiet suburb on a hill, overlooking the beautiful city of Vancouver…”
– Jeff, Guest GM


6 friends sit down for a night of drinking and games, but quickly find themselves in an apocalypse scenario. The hardware and machines they have in the home are going haywire, and they are quickly petitioned to save the neighbor kids from a possible nightmare situation. Having no real interest in children but only a single relationship tying them to these younglings the group ventures in the wild streets of Vancouver. Armed with Tyler’s collection of knives, woodman’s tools and some kitchen utensils they take off hoping this will be an uneventful trip.

In the street Amanda is attacked by a rogue car and manages to survive, the car however has other plans and is ready for a second run. Nathan decides he’s a good candidate to tempt the car into a situation where it will forever be out of commission, his plan isn’t thought through and he might have sustained a few injuries in the process.

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