Arc 0 – End of the World


The End of the World Arc, is the introduction to DM’s Test Kitchen and its 5 hosts.


The End of the World arc focuses on bringing the listeners closer to the show hosts in an unorthodox table top RPG fashion. The 5 hosts (Cayla, Travis, Nathan, Tyler and Amanda) with their guest GM, showcase the Revolt of the Machines scenario where they are forced to play as themselves and decide how they would act during the end of days. Spoiler! They’re terrible people!

About the System

The End of the World system is a Fantasy Flight games RPG with a twist. You and the friends you play with around the table are your characters, and the story starts where you sit! With little preparation, you move through your world and what you know of it as the apocalypse ravages your home. There are 4 books with 5 scenarios each, making for a wide variety of options for you and your friends to wander through and either die or barely make it out alive.

Each book houses the rules for the system within, so there is no need to buy multiple books to get a game going. One book and you’ve got everything you need to get a campaign started, save for a few pencils and paper.

The system was published in 2014 and is written by Tim Flanders who helped with the creation of other FF games like Star Wars Age of Rebellion and Legacy of Dragonholt.

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