The Menu

There’s always a faint smell coming from Gary’s kitchen, wafting through the lair. He’s currently fighting off this two brother’s as he whips something up for a bit of company. So, check back here to see what dishes he’s prepared for his guests!

The Menu

Arc 0 – End of the World

  • Episode 1 – Our 5 Chefs and their Evo driver gather around the table to play through Fantasy Flight’s End of the World RPG. Do these aspiring kitchen connoisseurs have what it takes to make it through the robot apocalypse?
  • Episode 2 – After the start of the apocalypse, things start to go downhill fast! Do our chefs have what it takes to save the children? Do they even want to? Lets ask the horses…
  • Episode 3 – Perry the Pianist blocks the way, the horses are tired of the shenanigans, Travis has some weird needs, and the crew finds the kids! Its the end of the apocalypse as we know it!
  • Episode 4 Review – The game is done, did it pass the taste test? Listen in an find out!

Arc 0 – Seasonal Specials!

  • Blades in the Dark – The Test Kitchen is brewing up a spooky concoction of Blade Soup, chalk full of scoundrels, mystery and rival gangs!
    • Setup Episode 6 – Taking a little time to setup the game is important! Listen in as the chefs and their guest Brian run through character creation, their crew, vehicle and lair.
    • Episode 7 – Getting the game started has never been easier in our first Halloween episode! Listen in as 5 scoundrels take on a mysterious courier mission, fending off rivals and ghosts, also possible substances.
    • Episode 8 – Ghosts, ghost cars, rivals and a wack-job or two seem to be holding up the operation. Don’t forget that our Tinkerer is still high, do you think the cargo is going to make it? Will the crew make it?
    • Episode 12 – Snow has fallen in Duskvol and winter festivities have begun, the crew is enjoying a much needed rest and a little bit of fun, when a clatter from below shakes them to their feet, exiting the Haystack and following the noise they are shocked at what they meet…
    • Episode 13 – Having encountered the Sisters and given the supplies they need to complete their mission, the crew sets off to reclaim the mystery package that they delivered months ago…

Arc 1 – Dungeons & Dragons

  • Episode 5 – Tyler, Amanda, Nathan, Cayla and Jeff kick off their campaign with D&D. Their Characters pull from their respective worlds into a hellish landscape with no idea where they are or what they’re dealing with.
  • Episode 9 – Our 5 intrepid heroes march behind enemy lines into the depths of Hell, what horrors will they encounter? What deals will they strike? How do they get home?
  • Episode 10 – After a long rest, and a bit of trickery, our heroes are on their way to their goal, or so they thought. Their wayfinder has disappeared, and all that guide them are their eyes, and a few hell hounds. What troubles are left for them to deal with, before their contracts are fulfilled?
  • Episode 11 – A maze of moving flesh walls and mysterious artifacts. A constant chanting coming from above, what horrors or delights will our 5 heroes find in the tower they are seeking to climb?
  • Episode 14 – After wrestling with their own demons to save a Succubus and her brother, our heroes must now face “The Beast”…
  • Episode 15 – The team recovers from their fiery battle with the beast, but soon hit a wall -literally- on their mission to free Cerberus
  • Episode 16 – Our heroes learn about and test the theory of “Pooh sticks” and come face to face with the big dog in hell campus
  • Episode 17 – In the prequel to “Who Let the Dog Out” our heroes scramble to release the three headed beast, Cerberus before the ferry man can collect his toll
  • Episode 18 – Is the ferry man a friend or foe? Our heroes put their fate in his cold, dead hands and learn about that there may be a way out of their deal with Asmodeus