Blades in the Dark


Blades in the Dark is a tabletop role playing game about a group of daring scoundrels seeking fame and fortune in the industrial fantasy city of Duskvol, your group, in fact. The game focuses around missions that are referred to as scores, there are heists, occult mysteries, chases, dangerous bargains bloody skirmishes and riches, oh so many riches to be had in the darkness.

You and your crew must survive among the cut throat streets of the city, and clamor your way to the top of the pile, if you have the guts and drive to do so. Dealing with rival gangs, vengeful ghosts, the bluecoats, and your character’s own vices are just a few among the many situations you’ll find yourselves in.

Because Blades in the Dark is fairly simple in structure, the above is the main ingredient in getting you interested in the game. To play the game, you’ll need just a few things:

Blades in the Dark (Or the SRD)
Pencils and paper
Character Sheets
Crew Sheet

From there you take your imagination and let it run wild with your friends, kind of like we did here. Setup is relatively quick, you build your character, your crew, a vehicle and a lair.

From there the game starts with your score and your engagement roll which tells you how well things are going for you and your crew from the start of the mission. Rolling is simple, 1d6 determines most everything, 1-3 means poor engagement, 4-5 is good with consequences and 6 is perfect. These rolls are the same across whatever you want to do in the game, so you just need to know that 3 and below is bad, 4/5 is good with slight complications and 6 is amazing.

The book will give you more details but for now, that should do the trick. Head over to the Seasonal Specials Page to listen to our offers if you like, or just go play the game yourself!