The Chefs

Cayla 2018-07-25-dmtkportrait2-cayla

She started playing tabletop in highschool with D&D 3.5 and is now part of DM quartet for 13th age. Cayla is an artist, writer, crafter and cosplayer, and if she can find time among those hobbies, she enjoys breathing sometimes too (maybe).twitter-squaredinstagramicon Tumblr_icon facebook     



Probably the newest of the group to the RPG scene, having started with D&D 5e in August of 2017 which he now DMs and also part of a DM group for 13th age. He’s a writer, gamer, father and a pretty typical comic nerd.twitter-squaredinstagramicon     


Amanda2018-08-22-dmtkportrait-amanda (1)

Our resident Galaxy Master and fun-sized Tavern brawler! Amanda has been playing in the Star Wars Universe for a while and likes to take the reigns in that same world from time to time. Dabbling in D&D and 13th age as well she brings a variety of knowledge in the RPG realm with her. twitter-squared      

2018-08-22-dmtkportrait-tyler (1)Tyler

Veteran RPGer from his highschool days and the brother of Cayla, Tyler brings a variety of experience to the team with his knowledge of RPGs. He is also part of the same 13th age quartet of DMs that both Nathan and Cayla are a part of.



Older than all of the hosts combined, they’re pretty sure he was there helping Gygax with the idea of D&D, but no one is certain. He might have even written The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings under a different name…


Supporting Chefs


Our sound engineer extraordinaire! Travis has some experience playing Cypher and older versions of D&D, but for the most part, he is pretty new to RPGs. He comes to us with a wealth of audio knowledge and excitement for a bit of adventuring.

Our Mascot

Gary Hydrax


Named after the man himself, Gary is a three headed hydra. His more level headed and calm personality wears glasses, loves to cook, is a huge fan of strategy, and Tabletop RPGs, but can often get too focused for his other compatriots (Right). His aggressive and hot headed personality enjoys high-paced action, video games, and absolutely hates to lose. He might even be prone to rage quitting here or there (Center). Last, but not least, his final counterpart is a little clueless but is always curious about new and exciting things whether it be comics, video games or even tabletop gaming in general (Left).