Chef’s Night!

Some nights a Chef just needs to unwind. So, we’ve started up Chef Nights in the kitchen where those who do the planning and cooking, get to sit down and enjoy a meal. A meal of RPG goodness that is whipped up for them, that is.

Arc 1 – Quest for the Sun

  • Episode 1 – The story begins with our 5 DMs and a chance encounter with an oracle in a city in the underdark. Follow Jessy (DMs of Vancouver), Justin (Mimics and Monstrosities), Steve (Classless Characters), Andrew (The Basement Guild) and our very own Cayla, as they form the first party to go above ground in 200 years.
  • Episode 2 – The Oracle gives The Cenotaph, Veras and Salandra some insight into the journey ahead, Teddy takes Fridnick to the bar (again), and Rudder finds some… feed. Their next task is to head to the overworld. What lies in wait in a place closed off for 200 years?
  • Episode 3 – After saving the subverting a couple of Half-Dragons and saving a group of Tabaxi, the 5 heroes make their way north with their new escort. Will the Oracle’s prophecy come true? Will they find danger in the place they are travelling to?
  • Episode 4 – Our heroes take some well needed rest after their encounter with the StormFire Giant, Billsong and contemplate the future and their pasts.
  • Episode 5 – Our heroes’ past comes out of Rudder’s jacket to haunt them and they learn that you shouldn’t name your prisoners
  • Episode 6 – Our heroes meet Rob Boss, the easel wizard and have a “sticky” encounter with something out of Rudder’s dreams (and their nightmares) while making their trek to the science driven demon community of Surefoot
  • Episode 7 – Despite constant threats of being fed to a mimic pirate ship, Tao, one of the demon scientists of Surefoot offers to help the party with their little plague problem. Though, is help the right word when you commission people to steal from a blighted dragon’s hoard as prerequisite?